Search engines respond to more than 213 million queries every day. For webmasters, this growing number represents both challenge and opportunity, while exposing the importance of keyword research in search engine optimization. Without a dynamic set of keywords, advertisers, bloggers, retailers, and everyone else are liable to get lost in the torrent of competing websites. So what is keyword research, how is it conducted, and why is it so important?

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the acquisition and application of intelligence relating to search engine indexing trends and keyword popularity to drive traffic to a website during the optimization process. Our keyword research service employs professional optimizers to analyze the past, current, and potential success of possible keyword matches for your project. In addition to popularity, keyword research must also achieve keyword relevance. Do your keywords funnel site visitors to the sale page? Do your keywords appropriately summarize your website? Finally, effective keyword research also involves an acute sense of where and how markets are shifting in order to get out ahead on new trends, an effort greatly supported by strong analytics.

The Long and Short

The more informed you are as it concerns your keyword options, the more decision making power you will have when integrating them into your website's copy. One of the most important and controversial elements in this process is known as the “long-tail versus short-tail” keyword argument. Long tail keywords, while accounting for more than half of all searches, are numerous and rarely searched. Short tail keywords are much more popular, but their ubiquity can make it very difficult to break into the top ten search results. This junction demonstrates the power of keyword research in making critical SEO decisions.

With today's volume, keyword research is simply required to achieve visibility. Beyond producing the raw findings, our team has been trained to think critically, using analysis and data-fueled projections to create dynamic keywords that survive market shifts. After establishing a definitive presence among search engines with keyword research, your website will see massive gains in impressions, visits, and profit.

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