Okay, so you have a website, but does it work? Are your users hitting the back button? Do your customers have problems finding the information they desire? If your website was created from a template or not designed by a professional, there’s a strong chance it has no regard for usability.

Your website needs to be tailored towards your users and provide them clear paths to the information or functions they require. If potential customers or users find your website confusing, hard to read, or difficult to navigate, they will simply leave and never think about returning.

At Boom, we study and participate in the latest research in user-experience (UX) design to make your user interface design easy to use and anticipate the needs of your end users. We will make sure that navigation is clear, user mistakes are minimized, and finding the information users require does not mean traveling through a maze.

Let us perform an assessment of your existing website to understand its usability. Depending on your website, we will completely review the display of data, screen flow and layout, navigation, interaction, and create common scripts and functions for test subjects to perform. We will observe how users visually interact with your interface design and determine whether there are areas where we can improve your online results and profitability.

Contact us or give us a call at 512-609-0022 and let’s test your website’s usability.