In 2010 the Internet consisted of 255 million websites with 21.4 million websites added alone that year (no, we didn’t do the counting!). Those sites were used by 1.97 billion Internet users worldwide, which is an increase of 14% since the previous year. Whew, those numbers are impressive, aren't they?

And you want to add to those impressive numbers? No problem, we'll build you a website. But wait, shouldn't there be another statistic? Don't we want to know how many of those sites are or were successful, how many sites went unnoticed and how many sites shut down by the end of the year? The numbers of the latter two are even more impressive, but unfortunately no one is counting the “unnoticed” websites. To avoid adding to those numbers, think about how to get your website "out there", how to make your customers and potential customers aware of your site and thus aware of your products and services. Think about your internet marketing strategy. Or better yet, let Boom Consulting do the thinking.

Our team of internet marketing experts can integrate search engine optimization (SEO), internet advertising, social media marketing, and much more to provide your business a comprehensive online marketing plan and communications strategy that drives real results.

If you are ready to get started defining your internet marketing strategy and plan, contact Boom Consulting or give us a call at 512-609-0022 and let’s get started.